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Like we promised you last time, we bring you more Taylor Vixen videos today. And we’ve got a very special set of two today. For the first half of the update, you get to enjoy seeing Taylor have her usual fun with another hot lady in a glamour hot lesbian sex scene with the two women having wild lesbian sex. We want to tell you that Taylor is also extra diligent in this one as she pleases the other woman’s pussy until she cums and orgasms. And you bet that afterwards it was her turn to get special treatment for her body and eager pussy.

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For the second half, the hot and sexy Taylor Vixen gets around to meeting another hot woman for yet another sensual and sexy evening. But this time her partner has a surprise for her. Namely she’s a collector of all kinds of sex toys, and she really wants Taylor to try them out. So watch these two have some hot lesbian sex too for the second half of the update. Like always we’re taking our leave and hoping to see you again in the updates that may come. Until then, have fun guys and see you soon with more. Bye!

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Taylor Vixen Video – Stairway Fucking

Today is a special update, as we bring you a fresh Taylor Vixen video for your viewing pleasure. Like you know by now, the superb woman is always looking to have lady on lady fun as much as she can, no matter where she is. And this time she was on a pleasure trip with a group of all women friends. So you bet naughty things were bound to happen in the evening. Sure enough Taylor took her pick and invited the woman to her room to have some private fun away from inquiring eyes.

As the two sensual women make their way to miss Taylor’s suite they kiss sensually all the way there while taking their clothes off. So without further due, enjoy watching the two hotties as they have their girl on girl fun throughout the night this time. We’re also making a short announcement, we have another surprise in store for you for the next update, so be sure not to miss it guys. And also Taylor is going to be missing for a bit as she’s going to be shooting another movie. And with that we take our leave. Bye guys! Come inside the website and find similar videos! Bye!

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Taylor Vixen Pictures

Seems that for this Taylor Vixen pictures session your favorite porn star needed some pointers. Why? well mainly because she wants to improve but she brought along another old friend of hers. Namely none other than the busty and super sexy mature Lisa Ann, she is looking just like hot Kelly Madison. And that name we’re pretty sure you know, as she’s a regular in most porn movies that come out. So today miss Ann and miss Taylor were to spend one sensual afternoon in which Lisa would teach her even more stuff on how to please other ladies. Oh you bet she has the experience, we just told you she’s pretty famous. Anyway let’s see what the busty milf has to teach her apprentice today.

At first the two spend some time catching up to what they’ve been doing lately but you know it was time to get down to business. And also Taylor proposed that they capture this for her updates, to which Lisa agreed whole heartedly. Watch as the sex expert Lisa Ann gives Taylor even more tips on how to do even better oral to which Taylor listens like a good student. Watch the two women spend the whole afternoon having sex this time guys. Enjoy!

taylor-vixen-lesbian taylor-vixen-pictures

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Tori Black and Taylor Vixen

Again Taylor Vixen comes back with more of her classic lesbian session. Well we say classical, because this woman seems to have just too much fun with her other female friends during sex. For this one however, miss Taylor has one special and amazing guest star. It’s none other than another well known name in the porn industry, the one and only Tori Black, the sensual brunette that took the industry by storm lately. And she seems to be best buddies with our dirty little TaylorVixen here. And when you put this two together there’s bound to be sparks flying.

The two start their session in the bedroom on Taylor’s king size bed that makes for some comfy sexy times every time. Watch the two as they kiss and caress each other’s sexy bodies in this superb scene. Both women are experts at this sort of thing, since they both love their girl on girl action the most. So without delays, see the two hotties making out and having lesbian sex playing with one another’s eager and wet pussies. Like always we hope you enjoyed and we’ll see you next time with more of Taylor’s work. Until then enjoy yourselves inside the website if you are looking for similar videos.

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Taylor Vixen Lesbian Play Time

In today’s update we have yet another Taylor Vixen lesbian scene just for you. This one from Taylor’s most recent shoots for a movie. The slutty brown headed woman shares the scene with another beautiful lady that’s just as hungry for sex as Taylor is. So their scene made for a great combo where sparks flew from both of their outstanding performance. The naughty gals take the role of two lovers that ran away on a vacation just the two of them, and they expect to spend their whole time together having as much sex as possible.

So let’s watch TaylorVixen and her new best friend as they get into their sex session once reached at their hotel. Like always Taylor is really rash and doesn’t take long to be all over the brunette kissing her passionately and undressing her. Well to be fair it’s not like the brunette hottie minded it one bit. She seems to love Taylor’s expert hands on her body and pussy. And you bet that Taylor sure did a number on her cunt, finger fucking her until she orgasmed. All in all it’s a great update and you guys shouldn’t miss this one for the world. If you wanna see other beauties getting wet and wild, check out the http://mikeadriano.me/ site and have fun!



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Lesbian Outdoor Fun

Taylor Vixen takes to the pool today as she and her best friend are just eager to relax and sun bathe. Well you know Taylor, she does what she does but then she gets horny and just needs to do something about it. And that’s exactly what happened today as she and her brunette friend got bored soon after they just laid around for a few hours. But like always the naughty and creative Taylor knows how to make the best of every situation so she just started caressing her friend’s body telling her if she’d like to do something about the boredom.

Unsurprisingly the brunette went with Taylor Vixen ‘s idea of them having some girl on girl fun together and she started kissing Taylor. The two then took off what little clothing they had on in the form of their bikinis and started getting to work on their horny feelings. So without further due, watch the two super sexy women as the spend the whole afternoon having wild lesbian sex in front of the cameras. We know you’ll enjoy this one guys, so wishes are pointless now. Just like before stay tuned from the horny brown head lady and enjoy! If you wanna see other hot lesbian couple having fun, check out the blog and have a great time!


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Taylor Vixen Porn Scene

Another week and another superb Taylor Vixen porn update. This time’s theme for the shoot was sexy and enticing pink. So you bet that Taylor was intending to take full advantage of the situation and enjoy herself as much as she could. She donned a very sexy and hot pink bikini with hearts on it, and we cal tell you she looked even better than ever before with that outfit. And with that it was time to get the show started as she herself was really eager to start posing around and show off.

Just like she wanted as soon as the cameras start rolling this hottie gets right in her role and starts her sensual posing. You know that she always wants to outdo herself every time and this time she was extra serious about it. So watch her as she’s taking off her bikini bra to reveal her big boobs and her thong to show off her pussy. And as always she’s not letting you go before you get a treat too, so watch her as she starts finger fucking her tight wet pussy just for you and the cameras. Again we’re taking our leave but be sure we’ll be back with more Taylor next time. Come inside if you want to see another beauty finger fucking her pussy and doing a lot of nasty things for you! Byee!


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Taylor in Wonderland

Taylor Vixen is one naughty and imaginative little slut. Today she insisted on doing a themed photo shoot as she was feeling extra naughty. And since one of her favorite books is Alice in wonderland, she thought why not do that. As you’d expect she got herself all dressed up, otherwise, what would she take off for the shoot right? Anyway, this British cutie brings a new twist to the whole Alice thing, as she looked incredibly sexy in that blue dress and super cute to boot. The scene itself? Well it was a success, what else did you guys expect.

So without further due, let’s watch the busty and sexy Taylor get into her role for today. Just like you’d expect the scene seems psychedelic with all kinds of random stuff lying around. But the main feature here is Taylor as she takes off her blue dress to reveal her incredible body. And she continues until she only has her high heels and thigh high white socks on. Enjoy seeing her pose around nude and showing off her tits and pussy for this superb update. We hope you enjoyed it and we’re going to be back again next week with more. Until then, check out gorgeous Ellie Jay‘s blog and watch her massaging her perfect tits!

taylor-vixen-in-wonderworld taylor-vixen-spreading-her-legs

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Taylor Vixen Solo Shooting

In this update we’re happy to bring you a Taylor Vixen solo shoot. The sexy brown haired woman decided that she wanted to put her amazing body on display once more, and today’s shoot was a great occasion to do so once more. And boy does this hottie have a vivid imagination or what. She grabbed the most sexy and sensual outfit she found in the dressing room, just to entice and tease everyone. You could also say that the beauty outdid herself this time, and you wouldn’t be wrong as she seems to be just getting better at this.

As the scene starts she’s dressed in a white top with pink flowers on it, bringing out some sort of innocence about this lady’s naughty persona, along with a very short denim mini skirt that was not leaving much for the imagination. Maybe she knew this, as she was quick to take off her skirt to reveal that she was wearing nothing at all underneath it, giving you a better view of her pink and juicy pussy. And to top it off Taylor Vixen also shows off her perfect round boobs from underneath her top for the camera too. Enjoy guys and if you wanna see another super hot babe like her playing with herself, check out this personal page and enjoy. Bye!


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Taylor Vixen Lesbian Encounter

This time we have some Taylor Vixen lesbian sex for you, as the hot woman brought along some company back home. The big busted woman got to know this busty brunette hottie at a bar this evening and if you weren’t aware, miss Taylor swings both ways when it comes to sex. Luckily for her so does the brunette, and since both of them had the whole evening free, they decided to go to Taylor’s place to have some nice girl on girl action this evening. Let’s watch the sizzling hot Taylor and her new friend as they engage in their activities.

As soon as the two women enter the door, they waste no time and start to kiss passionately and sensually, all the while taking each other’s clothes off. As they make their way towards Taylor’s bedroom you can pretty much be sure that this sex party with just two will be something incredible to witness. And both the women were really eager to show off their skill in bed. So watch them fuck each other’s wet and eager pussies in today’s superb update. Again we take our leave and we’re letting you hang on to this. See you soon guys! If you’re looking for more, check out this great Destiny Dixon porn scene!



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